Craft Distillers: we need your help.  Our Industry’s small distillers continue to be treated unfairly with the FET burden. Join us to fight the unfair FET burden that is affecting your bottom line. 

The time is now.  We have momentum precisely because of our lobbying efforts to date, and our appointment of a lobbyist working on our behalf.  If we quit now, there is no guarantee our supporters will remain with us.

Today, there are multiple bills circulating in House and Senate that provide the small distilling community with a chance to affect the bottom line of our business, by reducing the FET from $13.50 to $2.70 per gallon.

Our organization is actively engaging Congressional members to listen to our stories and learn about the impact of our businesses in local communities, from the agricultural, to hospitality, to employment, to transportation.

Our Industry is united, but we need your help. 

ACSA cannot continue to fund our lobbying efforts without additional support from our community.

Your contribution will:

  • Help fund our lobbying efforts.
  • Contribute to funding communications on legislative affairs efforts.
  • Defray the costly expenses to bring our ACSA members to the Hill for the sole purposes of lobbying.
  • Underwrite special events in Washington to engage Congress in small craft distiller issues.

Remember, we believe ACSA is poised for success. We are the only national non-profit trade group (501(c)(6) dedicated to promoting and protecting the small craft distiller.


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(This donation is not tax deductible as a charitable contribution for Federal income tax purposes.  Please consult your tax accountant or attorney regarding any deductibility as a business expense.)