ACSA is a non-profit national trade association for craft spirits producers. Our mission is to promote and protect artisan spirits in the United States.

Our mission is to elevate and advocate on behalf of the community of craft spirits producers.

Membership requirements for a “voting” DSP:
  • Own a valid DSP
  • Produce fewer than 750,001 proof gallons removed from bond (combined annual production from all sources)
  • Subscribe to ACSA’s Code of Ethics
  • Have more than a 75% equity stake and/or operating control over my DSP.

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We share your concerns about the privacy of your personal information. By registering for ACSA membership, you agree to allow ACSA to provide your email address to and to receive marketing materials, communications and other materials from ACSA and/or any third parties with whom ACSA has an established relationship.  This includes but is not limited to vendors, sponsors, exhibitors and others that ACSA feels might interest you in the business of your DSP. If you are not interested in receiving any of the above referenced information, please notify us that you prefer to opt out of such communication by emailing us at or writing to us at our address- P.O. Box 701414, Louisville KY  40270